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The Beginning

The bossii story starts way back in 2003, when two hospitality owners in Brisbane went looking for a point of sale program that had all the features that they needed to run their business.

After spending the next five years reviewing various software packages, they decided that each system had a deficiency either in how they captured data, allowed the client to use the data or reported the data. Many systems appeared written by people with little or no professional knowledge on how hospitality operates. As a result of these deficiencies, bossii was born.

The Solution

Who better to design a Hospitality software solution than someone who has owned, managed and run various different types of Hospitality venues.

With the hospitality industry facing shrinking profits, escalating product and labour costs, bossii was developed to allow professional owners to understand their business in a way that many other systems do not show.

Technology has allowed us to create a system that records every button press of data capture which then can be displayed in the most time efficient manner allowing the business owner to look at a simple but very powerful synopsis of their business at a glance. bossii controls all parts of a hospitality business but the major focuses are on the two largest cost centres in a hospitality business, Labour and Cost of Goods Sold. All areas of these two cost centres are managed including ordering the goods to reporting on the gross profit for a particular date range and also comparing the budgeted wage percentage to the final actual wage percentage.

Bossii also has an extremely well streamlined functions and bookings management module that is integrated into the POS. Being able to handle deposits paid in advance and to call on that deposit on the day of the function is a feature that is often overlooked by many other hospitality pos programs that are not written by hospitality professionals.

To capture data more succinctly, bossii is the first system to not only include fingerprint control for all staff, but if required bossii can use fingerprint recognition for the clients VIP’s or members. This feature can save hospitality businesses thousands of dollars a year in printing cards or making key-rings & not to mention the grief in administering such manual based systems. BOSSII was also the first system to introduce a truly simple rental system for those customers that prefer to keep their cash flow in their bank account. No more spending tens of thousands of dollars on software that you don’t even know will work for your business.

Bossii has introduced an easy, “no contracts”, monthly user licence fee to keep your cash flow for your business. This allows your business to keep your cash flow manageable & use the tens of thousands of dollars that other systems charge on your business in more productive areas of trade. The future for bossii is a path of ongoing research & development in consultation with our team of hospitality professionals & of course, our clients. bossii debuted successfully in 2007 in a number of Brisbane hospitality venues and with further enhancements still being completed, the future for bossii and its clients can only get stronger.

We hope to welcome you to the bossii family soon.

Easy To Use

Saves Time

No Contracts

The Team

Jamie Valentine

Jamie has more than 20 years experience in developing software systems for the hospitality and retail industries. His in-depth software development knowledge along with his strong background in software support allows him to be the head of a team of innovators in implementing a constantly changing program feature list for bossii.  Jamie has had many years experience in the hospitality and retail industry which allows him to create program features that have some relevance to the industry they are made to support.  A constant mainstay from the initial design days of bossii through to today allows Jamie to possess an intricate knowledge of every part of the bossii process and his knowledge is essential for bossii’s future development.


Elias Philipou

Elias Philipou is the owner of a number of hospitality venues in Brisbane. Elias has a Bachelor of Business from QUT in Accounting and since then has worked in the hospitality industry for over 20 years in various bars, clubs and restaurants; bringing with him all points of view in terms of being an owner and director of venues and also working within venues prior as a manager and employee.

Elias has owned a number of different styles of hospitality venues allowing him the opportunity to see the differing requirements from operating those businesses.

Elias’ expertise and experience in the hospitality industry has proven to be essential in allowing bossii to develop solutions from not only an employee’s perspective but also from the perspective of the management and ownership team, as Elias has had his feet on the ground in these roles for many years previously.  Who better to have in your corner than somebody who has walked the same path as you.


Jim Papas

Jim Papas has over 35 years experience in the  IT industry coupled with more than 16 years in the hospitality and business management side of business to date.  Jim previously owned a computer hardware business before moving into the role of General Manager of a number of hospitality based businesses. Jim’s skills in problem analysis, problem solutions and administration coupled with his strong background in computer hardware and maintenance is a key asset to BOSSII.

Jim is also a director of a business financial management company that currently has a portfolio of around 70 companies under its careful day to day management.  Services vary from basic book keeping & BAS services to full management control. He specializes in the Hospitality Industry with the vast majority of his clients made up of Cafes, Bars, Restaurants & Catering Businesses.  Having his own development and implementation strategy for each of his clients allows them to use his experience, and the technology that he has first-hand knowledge of, to allow an owner of a hospitality or retail business to concentrate on working “on” their business, rather than working “in” their business.