Bossii | Product
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bossii will save you money

See before the week has even begun how much your labour component will cost

Tells you at the end of the day how much your labour cost was over or under budget

Handles customer accounts without requiring an expensive accounts system in the background

See what times of the day you are profitable and unprofitable

Allows you to more accurately understand gross profit percentages on any sales product sold

Quickly identify stock variance losses enabling quick turnaround to fix future problems

Set percentage surcharges on accepting credit cards

Transfer, merge and split accounts with no loss of revenue at end of transaction

bossii will save you time

Easily and quickly complete rosters for the week and ability to copy them week to week

Charge particular function customers a different price to other customers without having to enter the prices manually

Send mail messages to one staff member, groups of staff or all staff

Link set answers on replies to your emails

See all information about a shift in one place

Complete members mail merge letters quickly and easily

Link questions and possible answers to product buttons

Create and send stock order forms to suppliers quickly and easily

Input an average stocktake in less than an hour

Record, collate and edit employee timesheets enabling time taken for payroll to be dramatically reduced

Set public holiday surcharges at the beginning of the year and on the day they will automatically be enabled

Setting public holiday wage surcharges so that in advance you can know the effect on your budgeted turnover

Merge BOSSII group of accounts with MYOB group of accounts

Transfer, merge and split accounts on the POS easily

Allows staff to print this week and next weeks roster from the POS themselves

bossii might just save your life

Reduce your stress through better management of your business than traditional hospitality management systems

Less headaches associated with reconciliation by being able to find out keystroke by keystroke what buttons an operator used in suspect transactions

Allows you more freedom to enjoy your life through being able to set access levels for staff. They see only what they have access to see, you don’t need to always be watching what everyone is doing.

Stop losing sleep around staff actions by being able to fully audit everything done on the POS and management system at any time

bossii will save you money

*from $60 per month for pos and time and attendance

*conditions apply. Extra features will increase price