Bossii | Bossii Admin
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Bossii admin is the administration backbone of bossii. It is an easy to use, reliable and effective back of house program that manages the many elements of a hospitality venue. BOSSII ADMIN houses features such as sales, payroll and stock control elements. It also includes the setup of the entire program and can be configured so that the program is totally access controlled by the main administrator, and customisable to your access requirements

  • Stock Control

    • All-inclusive inventory management system reaching from stock creation through to BOSSII POS button layouts. BOSSII Admin can predict your stock order compared to reorder levels & email out to suppliers.
    • Complete recipe management allowing for cocktail or food costing with sales price analysis.
    • Ability to setup recipes, products and batch recipes and stocktake each or all as a group and decrement each upon sale or use
    • Full stock control including transferring Stock between bars and individual department stocktakes
    • Ability to send out customised purchase orders to suppliers with either suggested orders or custom orders via email


    Labour Control

    • Employee management system including historical analysis & costing, BOSSII Admin also allows staff to create rosters which can be printed by the individuals from BOSSIIPOS.
    • Complete weekly rosters by department or for entire venue
    • Rosters can be sent to individual employees or entire Roster sent to all staff
    • Compare budgeted wage costs to actual wage costs
    • Historical analysis of Labour Costs
    • Full Time and Attendance results for quick payroll completion


    Pricing Control

    • Unique pricing policies allowing individual pricing for individual staff &/or clients.
    • Automatic public holiday surcharges for both staff & clients.
    • Ability to create different pricing levels for different clients at different times of the day
  • Reservations Control
    • CRM incorporating full electronic bookings diary & comprehensive function management system
    • Deposit Management ability allowing for pre payments of reservation or deposit paid towards future booking
    • Complete customer function follow up surveys
    • Allow for Account Customers and send out statements via email


    Revenue Control

    • Historical analysis of the venue’s turnover & wage expense. The ability to identify sales trends & modify wage expense to suit.
    • Compare budgeted income with actual income
    • Historical analysis of Sales Costs


    Reporting & Integrations

    • Full complement of approx. 200 different flexible optioned reports, including the opportunity to email/export/print reports as required.
    • Accounting Export to MYOB or Xero of Supplier Invoices and Time and Attendance results
    • Over 200 reports available for all categories including Purchasing, Budgeting, Sales, Labour, Bookings and Member/VIP reports
    • All reports can be exported to pdf, excel, word and can be automatically emailed at any time of day or night on a regular daily or weekly basis to owners, managers and investors.


    Access Control

    • Exceptional security management allowing access to authorized personnel only using Numeric, Proximity or Fingerprint Biometric Access