Bossii | Support
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We know that if something goes wrong its usually going to go wrong in your busy period so we have our support team on standby when the S8#t hits the fan and when Murphy makes a new law…

In 99% of issues we can fix anything using our remote dial-in abilities via TeamViewer®

Support Hours of Operation

24 hours / 7 days a week / 365 days a year
For Emergency Support Phone 1300 805 511 (option 2)
Constantly Monitored Email:
Demonstration Software

If you would like to view a demonstration version of BOSSII hospitality management software please Contact Us.


Our initial software installers will train your key staff so you have your own “bossii masters” in house.

Any further training and refresher courses can be arranged, both via dial-in and on-site, and are available in all states according to your requirements.